Portable Switch Rooms

A Switch Room or Control Room is the electrical nerve centre of a worksite, and the technology, electrical equipment and sensitive controls it houses are often of critical importance. Even a small equipment failure can have a catastrophic financial effect on a business, so a high quality temperature controlled Switch Room or Control Room is vital.

At PPB we recognise the significance of a high quality, reliable switch room. Our portable building switch rooms are lined with the highest quality 50 mm insulated sandwich panelling available on the market. Heavy duty air conditioners are also available to keep your electrical components and critical technology requirements temperature controlled. We can customise the switch room to your exact requirements with a wide range of accessories. High powered air conditioners, penetration and gland plates, fire safety systems, emergency push bar doors, ceiling cable trays and uni strut fit-outs and much more are all available. We have years of experience creating custom-built switch rooms and specialised portable building in collaboration with a range of clients, including the Australian Defence Force, Government agencies, mining, construction, telecommunications and energy companies. Designed, constructed, modified, and tested onsite, our switch room control rooms are a cost effective and efficient method of making sure your sensitive electrical and technological components are fit-for-purpose and securely protected.

Switch Rooms May Include:

  • High powered air conditioners for climate control
  • Emergency exit doors
  • Insulation
  • Floor and wall RHS framed penetrations and gland plates
  • Fire safety systems
  • Unistrut channel and cable trays
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